Thursday, 27 September 2012

Thank-you friends....

Hi friends!... thank-you all for visting my website... I have recovered from my trip. For you who don't know where I went on my trip, I went to Italy to vist my very dear friend Bella. You can read about my trip below... Anyways, I have made alot of new homes for you all... I am really excited to post them and very excited for you all to see how different I made my new homes and also the video. I am hoping you like what I have done to both the video and how different  I made the houses. These new houses are really modren just to warn you... Also, the video is just a little bit more realistic, it will make you feel like your in the house looking around. It is really cool. :) Hopefully you all love it. If you don't, please tell me in the comment box at the end of the page. I can always change how I do my video. Just trying to make it easyer for you all to read. Also, if you are looking for a home, please please tell me. I would love to hear from you. I will always read your comment. I will always try to create the home your picturing in your mind, you can describe what you are wanting. You can also give me pictures of what your wanting in your home. Or feel free to give me furniture that you want me to download. I will always try to please you the best I can. It is true the customer is always right.

Lots of love always,
xoxo Miss Bonnachlite.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Sims 3 American Sweet Heart

Sims 3 American Sweet Heart
Starting a family? Wanna be a all American girl? Than this is the best house choice for you. This is a country style American dream home. As an American simmie, you have to have the brains, the courage and the books and street smarts to be a true American simmie, but simmies have forgoten that you can't just have it in your brain you have to look and feel like an American. Welcome to American's Sweet-Heart! this is your answer to looking and feeling like a American simmie. This is a family freindly home, which means that the kids can finally have there child-hood responsablity wish. Pet items are included to this All American home. Let your sims live the true American dream! Includes: 2 bathrooms (one for children) 2 bedrooms (one child's bedroom), Family room, Kitchen (dinning room included), Garage, Welcoming hall way, Backyard (Dog/children friendly) Made with lots of love always, Annalise xoxo

The Sims 3 American Sweet Heart

Monday, 10 September 2012

Sims 3 White Diamond

Sims 3 White Diamond
This Calafornian-Modern home has all the bling and glam to fit your sim celebirties life style.  Filled with incredible attention to detail filling your sims heart with joy every time they step in the next room. Diamonds are a girls best friend but, this beautifuly done white "diamond" luxary home will wipe that saying away. Includes: 1 bedroom and 2 childrens bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, family room, kitchen, dinning room, office, workout room. Made with love by Annalise Bonnachlite.

The Sims 3 White Diamond